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Van's RV-14


Touted for its performance, be it aerobatics or fuel economy, the RV-14 is arguably the best kit aircraft out there. Featuring both the taildragger and tricycle variants, this recreation of the RV-14/14A by SWS was created in meticulous detail, bringing the look and feel of the real RV-14 into your Flight Simulator!

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Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator


The RV-14/14A is the latest aircraft design from Van’s Aircraft, Inc. continuing and improving upon the legacy of the previous models. Created with the help of the manufacturer, the SWS RV-14/14A is a faithful recreation of the best kit aircraft in the market. A carefully created 3D model captures all the fine nuances of the aircraft's construction, while detailed animations help bring it to life. Authentic sounds were recorded from the real aircraft. The flight model was created after flying in the real aircraft and put through scrutiny by RV-14 pilots, ensuring that the performance and feel is as close as Microsoft Flight Simulator allows.


The SWS rendition of the RV-14/14A features:

  • Accurate 3D model & animations
  • Three generic and three custom liveries
  • Taildragger and tricycle variants
  • Realistic flight model tested by RV-14 pilots
  • Free-castering nose wheel (RV-14A)
  • Full TDS GTNXi 750 integration (
  • Full PMS50 GTN750 integration (
  • Flutter animations from propwash
  • Weight-based visibility of copilot in the cockpit
  • Weight-based visibility of baggage behind the seats
  • Opening canopy
  • Functional canopy ejection switch
  • Animated air conditioning vents
  • Realistic backlighting and floodlighting
  • Realistic exterior lighting
  • MSFS rain & icing effects included


We have created three custom liveries from our streamer friends BelGeode, AvAngel and TwoCats. The liveries are available as a separate download to keep file size down.

More Information


  •  Radeon RX 570 / NVIDIA GTX 770, 4GB minimum
  •  Ryzen 3 1200 / Intel i5-4460
  •  8GB RAM
  •  Windows 10
  •  1.03GB of Hard Drive space


  •  Radeon RX 590 / Nvidia GTX 970, 4GB minimum
  •  Ryzen 5 1500X / Intel i5-8400
  •  16GB RAM
  •  Windows 10
  •  1.03GB of Hard Drive space


Microsoft Flight Simulator





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