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PC-12 Legacy


The SWS PC-12/47 is a high fidelity rendition of the iconic Pilatus PC-12. Developed with the help of Pilatus Aircraft and Fly7 Executive Aviation we aspire this to be our best turboprop rendition in Microsoft Flight Simulator to date.

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Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator


Powered by a 1200hp engine and a 4 or 5-bladed propeller, the PC-12 can easily operate out of short, unprepared strips as well as paved runways, while Its superb engineering ensures a smooth flight even in adverse weather conditions. Versatile by design, the PC-12 can be configured for use an executive transport, commuter, cargo carrier or even air ambulance. Developed with the help of Pilatus Aircraft and Fly7 Executive Aviation, the SWS PC-12/47 aspires to be our best and most varied turboprop rendition in Microsoft Flight Simulator to date!


  • High quality model of the aircraft’s exterior with many custom animations:
    • 4 and 5-bladed propeller.
    • Trailing link landing gear.
    • Nose wheel steering with free castering.
    • Engine bypass flap and springs (connecting to landing gear).
    • Custom flap and actuator animations.
    • Trim tabs.
    • Animated de-icing boots.
    • Prop beta/reverse.
    • Propeller vortices.
    • Preflight: engine cowling, fuel filter compartment, tail compartment.
    • Horizontal stabilator trim.
    • Covers with strips reacting to wind speed, direction and inclined parking.
  • High quality cockpit interior modelling using detail textures to retain detail while reducing texture size. Numerous custom animations, including:
    • Stick shaker and pusher.
    • Sun visors.
    • Sun shade.
    • Gust lock.
    • Armrests.
    • Movable lights and AC vents.
  • Three different cabin configurations with -again- many custom animations:
  • Exits.
  • Window shades.
  • Tray tables (executive cabin).
  • Seat armrests and tilting.
  • Toilet door, light, flushing (executive cabin).
  • Drawers -gravity affected (executive cabin).
  • Passengers, luggage (executive and commuter cabin).
  • Cargo crates (cargo cabin).
  • Operator-specific items.

    13 total liveries, with nine custom and one white livery in different interior configurations:

    • Fly7 OH-JEM (4-bladed, executive).
    • Fly7 OH-JEM (4-bladed, cargo).
    • Tradewind N881TW (4-bladed, commuter).
    • Fly7 HB-FVA (5-bladed, executive).
    • Fly7 OH-DEN (5-bladed, executive).
    • Fly7 OH-FUK (5-bladed, executive).
    • Fly7 OH-PBL (5-bladed, executive).
    • Safari Wings (5-bladed, executive).
    • Safari Wings (5-bladed, commuter).
    • White SX-WET (4-bladed, white executive template).
    • White SX-BOX (4-bladed, white cargo template).
    • White 5B-WET (5-bladed, white executive template).
    • White SX-SWS5 (5-bladed, white commuter template).


    The SWS team were flown in the PC-12 and then spent a week training in the PC-12 simulator at the Fly7 Training Center, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Being ableto experience first-hand how the real aircraft handles, we strived to recreate it as closely as MSFS allows. Some highlights of the flight model include:

    • Engine torque effect on yaw.
    • Correct handling response.
    • Exceptional stability in inclement weather.
    • Realistic flap deployment timings, lift and drag effects, including crosswind limitations.
    • Nose down approach attitude, correctly reproduced down to flaps 30 (MSFS limitation at 40).
    • Custom nose wheel steering with free-castering operation when differential brakes are used.
    • Fast engine response to pilot input.
    • Manual override control.
    • Correct propeller beta and reverse operation.
    • Custom ITT simulation including altitude limiting.


    Numerous custom systems are included with the SWS PC-12.

    • Custom EFIS50.
    • Revue Thommen DC20 Chronometer.
    • Custom aileron-rudder interconnect system.
    • Custom yaw damper.
    • Stick shaker and pusher.
    • Environmental Control System.
    • Cabin Pressurisation Control System.
    • Usable circuit breakers.
    • Compatibility with PMS50 GTN, TDS GTNXi and Sky4Sim tablet. Included with our installer and can be downloaded separately from the "FREE EXTRAS" tab.


    The SWS PC-12 contains more than 2800 authentic sounds recorded from multiple real aircraft to realistically represent the aircraft inside and out:

    • Different sounds for 4 and 5-bladed propellers.
    • Authentic engine sounds.
    • Gear and flap actuators.
    • Air conditioning.
    • Aircraft electromechanical sounds such as pumps, inverters.
    • Exits.
    • Aural warnings and avionic sounds.
    • Audible switches, levers, doors, windows - if it moves, it can be heard!.
    • Many ambient sounds.


    PDF manual and checklist is included with the aircraft and can also be downloaded separately from the "FREE EXTRAS" tab. A document covering custom variables will also be made available soon.

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    •  Radeon RX 570 / NVIDIA GTX 770, 4GB minimum
    •  Ryzen 3 1200 / Intel i5-4460
    •  8GB RAM
    •  Windows 10
    •  3.97GB of Hard Drive space


    •  Radeon RX 590 / Nvidia GTX 970, 4GB minimum
    •  Ryzen 5 1500X / Intel i5-8400
    •  16GB RAM
    •  Windows 10
    •  3.97GB of Hard Drive space


    Microsoft Flight Simulator





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