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Join the fight against the Coronavirus!

Join the fight against the Coronavirus! Join the SWS Folding@home team and get a 5€ discount on any SWS product!

Like everyone else, we are pretty much stuck at home during the fight against the Coronavirus. However, there is a way we can fight back, by participating in the Folding@home project.

Folding@home is a project started by Stanford University and takes advantage of unused CPU and GPU resources to simulate protein movements and folding. More than 400,000 users are participating in the project and its results are used to advance research in diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson and recently, SARS-CoV2.

SWS have started a Folding@home team and we are inviting you to join us!

To join the SimWorks Studios Folding@home team, please follow these steps:

1. Go to and generate a passkey for you.

2. Download the Folding@home installer from here

3. Run the installer and enter the following:

    a. Your chosen nickname

    b. Team number: 257458 (That is the SWS team number) 

    c. Your passkey


4. Select folding power and mode ("on idle" or "always"). Then just leave it running on the background. 

5. Send a mail to, containing your Folding@home nickname and the email you used to register on the SWS site.
You can check our team's progress at
If your Folding@home account manages to complete at least one(1) work unit by April 12th, you will be eligible for a 5€ discount on any SWS product. We encourage you to try for more work units though.
You can learn more about the Folding@home project at
For addtional information and technical support you can refer to the project forum at
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