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PBR Phantom released for Prepar3D v4!

PBR Phantom released for Prepar3D v4!

After a long time in the upgrade shop, the SWS Phantom is back! Featuring PBR materials inside and out, this re-release brings the Phantom to modern standards, while future-proofing the product!

This upgrade of the Phantom features:

  • High detail exterior and three cockpit models
  • Full set of scratch-built PBR texture maps for exterior and VC
  • 19 accurate schemes
  • Full integration with SWS Carriers Extended
  • Full TacPack integration
  • Realistic systems modelling and full custom Autopilot
  • Dynamic lighting

The PBR Phantom is a stand-alone product, priced at 39.99€.

SWS customers who bought the legacy Phantom from us will be able to buy it for 19.99€ by using the coupon they will find in their SWS account page.

Disclaimer: The PBR Phantom is a visual improvement over the legacy version, with the intention of making the product future-proof. The PBR Phantom does not contain USS Coral Sea. The package has been created to work on top of the old Phantom installation, so owners of the legacy version who wish to keep USS Coral Sea don't need to uninstall it.

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