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  1. Nimitz Volume 2 released!

    Nimitz Volume 2 released!

    We are happy to reveal the second add-on of our Nimitz class series for P3Dv4!

  2. Nimitz released!

    Nimitz released!

    It is with great pride that we announce the release of the first package of our Nimitz class series!

    The culmination of two years of R&D, the SWS Nimitz is the most complete, detailed and accurate carrier simulation to date. Spearheaded by Carriers Extended v2.0, this feature-packed rendition features everything a carrier ops fan would desire! From pitching decks to a "ouija board" and flying AI helicopters, this is the new state-of-the-art in simulation carriers!

  3. Carriers Extended v2.0

    Carriers Extended v2.0

    An important part of CEXv2.0 is our new Deck Configuration technology. In a huge step up from our previous iteration, you will now be able to place and orient each aircraft on deck dynamically.

  4. SWS Live Scenery launches!

    Debuting with WSSS Singapore for Prepar3Dv4, SWS Live Scenery brings a new level of detail to animated scenery for P3Dv4 –for free! Read more...
  5. Welcome to our New Website!

    Welcome to the new SWS website!
    After a long wait, the new SWS website is live and ready to host our new cutting-edge simulation products! Our new website was designed with the intention to provide a pleasant experience to our visitors and making interaction with customers easy...

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