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Live Scenery Options

With SWS Live Scenery you can expect to see airport ground handling staff, flight crew, mechanics, baggage and cargo carts, ramp despatch vehicles, catering vehicles, buses, pushback trucks.

If you want to adjust the animation settings they can be configured insim via Prepar3D's Add-ons\SWS Airport Vehicles drop-down menu (see right). You can restart all the animations by clicking 'Reload All', and set the level of animated detail via 'Detail'.

To alter the detail look down the list for the airport you want to adjust, say 'WSSS' for Singapore Changi. Pressing its corresponding number a few times on your keyboard will change its value through 0 (minimum) to 5 (maximum). Remember, choosing to have a lot of animations will have an impact on simulator performance.

Live Scenery Options
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