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F-4B Phantom II (Legacy) - Installation help

While downloading and installing, be sure that your antivirus software is turned off, otherwise there is a high probability of a corrupt installation.

  1. The F-4B/N Phantom II is compatible with Flight Simulator X:Acceleration/Gold, Flight Simulator X:Steam Edition, Prepar3Dv2 and Prepar3Dv3. If you wish to have one installation for every simulator you own, you need to run the installer again for each one. The installer will automatically detect the path to your simulator's main folder and install the files there.
  2. The next important step is selecting which lighting version to install. We have provided two versions of cockpit lighting:
    • An adjustable lighting version that allows you to independently control each light in the aircraft's cockpit as in the real thing. This version requires a DX10 capable video card. You do not need to activate FSX's DirectX 10 preview mode for it to work!.
    • A basic version that utilizes the default lighting system. This version is compatible with older graphics cards. It is essentially an on/off toggle that illuminates both cockpits with floodlights.
  3. Next, the user gets to choose between a TacPack-enabled and a non-TacPack version. The non-TacPack version will allow the user to load the aircraft with weapons, but operation of the RADAR and weapons release will not be possible.
  4. The carrier can be found using the included Fleet Placer to be spawned ingame.
    • A formation file can be found under %programdata%\Simworks Studios\CarrierExtensions\SurfaceFormations. You can add similarly formatted files to create your own formations
  5. I try to install the product, but I get a message saying that the serial is invalid.
Simulator selection screen
Lighting version selector
F-4 TacPack configuration app
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