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Midway Battlegroup - Known Issues

I spawned a carrier using AICarriers/TacPack and I cannot see any static planes

Due to the complexity of the carrier technology, certain features will not work with ships that are spawned with 3rd party apps, or as scenery. For static aircraft and other features to work, vessels must be spawned using SWS Fleet Placer (shortcut: Shift+Ctrl+S), which is included with all our carriers.

Please refer to the manual, section “SWS Fleet Placer” for more information.

Can I spawn non-SWS ships using SWS Fleet Placer?

Totally! Please refer to the manual, section “SWS Fleet Placer” for more information.

I cannot trigger the catapult launch using my controller

Catapults are intentionally hardcoded to Shift+Space to launch. This overrides Prerap3D’s keybindings and there is no workaround for this. We will look into that in a future version

Deck lights disappear when landing on the ship

That is an issue that appeared after Prepar3Dv3 and we believe it is an engine bug, due to how P3D handles showing/hiding of objects and optimisation.

Aircraft aren’t lit by spotlights in Prepar3Dv4

Please make sure that dynamic lights are enabled in Prepar3D’s options screen

TACAN/ILS doesn’t work properly on CEX ships

Please ensure that your aircraft has built-in support for CEX ILS.

vLSO can’t detect CEX

vLSO is looking for CarrierExtensions.dll in the sim's root\Gauges folder. As this is no longer done by us, we're waiting for an update to vLSO in order for it to work again.

Certain aircraft cannot launch/trap on CEX carriers

We have checked these aircraft as “partially working”. The reason this happens with certain planes is that they work “outside” of FSX/P3D to overcome the platform’s limitations. This has to be changed by the aircraft developer.

My tailhook doesn’t move up when catching a cable/the cable is off position

We have calibrated most aircraft so that the cable matches the hook closely. In some cases, though, this was not possible due to the way the hook was animated by the aircraft developer.

The CEX Aircraft Configurator doesn’t see my airplane list

Please ensure that it’s pointed at the simulator’s installation folder by clicking on the Filepaths button. If it is not correct it through there.

My FSXBA Hornet doesn't work with your carriers.

The FSXBA Hornet works with CEX carriers, but its presets are assigned based on the aircraft folder name. We are in touch with FSXBA to see what can be done.

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