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Carriers Extended: US Navy P3Dv4


Carriers Extended: US Navy is an AI traffic pack simulating US Navy AI ship and submarine traffic. Featuring SimWorks Studios' Carriers Extended technology, operate from more than 250 warships sailing around the globe as scenery, or spawn them on-demand using the SWS Fleet placer. Compatible with P3D v4.

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Compatibility: P3Dv4, P3Dv5


Carriers Extended: US Navy is an AI traffic pack simulating US Navy AI ship and submarine traffic, featuring:

  • 19 classes of US Navy surface warships (all landable but one) ranging from destroyers to amphibians to aircraft carriers, plus 3 classes of US Navy submarines
  • SWS Carriers Extended integration, featuring animated arrestor cables, shooters, custom animations and realistic visual landing aids for airplanes and helicopters!
  • Scheduled traffic for over 250 surface ships and submarines operating from their home ports
  • Animated elevators and well decks on several classes of ships that function on user command
  • Enhanced Night Textures
  • FPS friendly
  • Traffic schedules and interactive documentation to assist in locating fleet traffic


The package features more than 250 warships across 19 classes, built with performance in mind. Ships included:

  • 10 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers
  • 22 Aegis cruisers (plus 5 decom)
  • 21 Flight I DDG Aegis destroyers
  • 7 Flight II DDG Aegis destroyers
  • 34 Flight IIA DDG Aegis destroyers
  • 8 Wasp Class LHD amphib assault ships
  • 1 America Class LHA amphib assault ship
  • 9 San Antonio Class LPD amphib transport dock ships
  • 8 Whidbey Island Class LSD amphib dock landing ships
  • 4 Harpers Ferry Class LSD amphib dock landing ships
  • 1 Blue Ridge Class LCC command ship (plus one decom)
  • 13 Avenger Class MCM mine countermeasures ships (plus one decom)
  • 3 Freedom Class LCS littoral combat ships
  • 2 Independence Class LCS littoral combat ships
  • 1 HSV-2 Swift Class Catamaran high-speed vessel
  • 2 T-AH Mercy Class hospital ships
  • 4 T-AOE Supply Class fast combat support ships
  • 15 T-AO Kaiser Class replenishment oiler ships
  • 14 T-AKE Lewis & Clark Class dry cargo ships


Smart tools make it easy to enable our features on any aircraft with a hook and wheels within minutes! The CEX framework powering Nimitz is constantly updated and supports the best freeware and payware naval aircraft out-of-the-box. Please note that unless otherwise indicated, the list below lists aircraft with launch and arresting hook compatibility. TACAN/ILC/PALS/ACLS need to be implemented by the respective developer and will be labeled as "fully supported":

  • SimWorks Studios
    • F-4B Phantom II - FULLY SUPPORTED
  • AlphaSim
    • RA-5C Vigilante
    • A-3 Skywarrior*1
  • IndiaFoxtEcho
    • C-2 Greyhound
    • E-2 Hawkeye
    • F-14D Tomcat
    • F-35B/C Lightning - TACAN,ILS
    • S-3B Viking
    • T-45 Goshawk
    • TA-4J Skyhawk - FULLY SUPPORTED
  • Aerosoft
    • F-14 Extended - FULLY SUPPORTED
  • DC Designs
    • F/A-18E/F/G Super Hornets - FULLY SUPPORTED
  • FSX: Acceleration
    • F/A-18C Hornet
  • FSX Blue Angels
    • F/A-18C Hornet
  • MilViz
    • F-4J*2 Phantom II
  • Piglet
    • A-1 Skyraider
    • A-7 Corsair II Vol.1, 2, 3
    • A-7 Corsair II TP
  • Sim-Outhouse
    • C-1A Trader
  • Virtavia
    • A-4 Skyhawk
    • A-6 Intruder
    • AJ-2 Savage
    • E-2C Hawkeye (Steam)
    • EA-6B Prowler
    • F-11F Tiger
    • F-3H Demon
    • F-4D Skyray
  • VRS
    • F/A-18E Superbug

*1-Partially implemented

*2-Not compatible with ADV version

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  •  Quad Core Processor at 3GHz or higher
  •  4GB RAM
  •  4GB GPU
  •  3.4GB of Hard Drive space


  •  Quad Core Processor at 3GHz or higher
  •  4GB RAM or better
  •  4GB or better GPU
  •  3.4GB of Hard Drive space


P3Dv4, P3Dv5



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Carriers Extended!



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  1. Experience the US Navy! Experience the US Navy! Carriers Extended: US Navy and DC Designs' F/A-18E/F/G are now available for sale on our e-shop!
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