Simworks Studios would like to welcome you all to our website!

We are a group consisting of longtime flight simulation enthusiasts as well as creators with respect for what we are doing.. We gathered with the aim of producing an engaging and accurate simulator experience for Flight Simulator X, based on real life pilots’ input and detailed scientific methods that will provide us with the proper data.
Our core team consists of dedicated developers, wanting to expand their knowledge as we expand and develop our projects. Around our team is a group of consulting pilots and testers, that will aid us in delivering a high-end product to the Flight Simulator X community.

Our first project is an accurate simulation of the F-4B Phantom II. We are aiming high for high-detail visuals, authentic handling characteristics, detailed systems and TacPack weapons functionality from Day 1. It is an ambitious project from a newly formed team, but we are on the right direction and believe we will deliver a unique experience to those that choose to fly the F-4B.

The F-4B Phantom II is currently in developement and undergoing internal testing. Soon the USS Midway aircraft carrier will follow, whose AI boat version will accompany the F-4B on release.