FSX F-4B Phantom II with USS Midway & Coral Sea coming soon!

In this Christmas eve news update, we are proud to announce the upcoming beta release of our F-4B/N Phantom II as well as the USS Midway & Coral Sea battlegroups.

With regard to the main attraction, the F-4B will be released as an Open Beta in the 2nd half of January 2016 at a base price of 40€ (no VAT included). The Open Beta package will only be available from our website and will include:

  • F-4B Phantom II
  • TacPack functionality
    1. AIM-7
    2. AIM-9
    3. A variety of bombs and rockets
  • Late F-4B and F-4N: will be added later
  • USS Coral Sea

The combination of F-4B and Coral Sea will be used in the mission package that will be released at the same period on our website and will be available as a “give what you want” package. The missions will find you at VF-121 based in Miramar to familiarize yourself with the F-4B’s flight characteristics and weapons systems. You will then transfer for F-4 carrier quals to the Coral Sea and off to SEA.

In the first three months of 2016, we will also release as standalone packages the USS Coral Sea and USS Midway carriers along with escort ships. The package will include:

  • USS Midway – early 70’s version with bigger flight deck
  • USS Coral Sea
  • Fletcher Class destroyer
  • Charles F. Adams Class Destroyer
  • USS Navasota – upgraded Cimmaron class fleet oiler

The fleet package will come at a base price of 40€ which will be discounted for F-4B/N buyers:

  • F-4B/N beta customers will get a 50% discount
  • F-4B/N full release customers will get a 25% discount

Feel free to join our forums and discuss the news and screenies!


Finally we wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy holidays!

The SimWorks Studios team

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