Midway class package

Experience carrier ops like never before! This feature-packed rendition of USS Midway and USS Coral Sea allow you to see how life and war is on these vessels, in their Vietnam-era configuration. Two carriers and a fleet of escorts will allow you to operate off any place in the world! The package includes the following vessels rendered in high detail:

  USS Midway (1973 deployment)
  USS Coral Sea (1965 and 1973 deployments)
  SH-3 and UH-2 guard helicopters
  Mispillion class fleet oilers (AO-105 to AO-108)
  Five Charles F. Adams class guided missile destroyers
  Six Forrest Sherman class destroyers

Both carriers utilize our unique Carrier Manager, allowing you to change the deck composition of each carrier conveniently, without the need to use multiple ship models and swap them out!

Notice: Scenery files are provided to allow you to visit the carriers. In order for the ships to appear at will, AI Carriers or TacPack are required.

Compatibility and Pricing

The product is compatible with Flight Simulator X:Gold, Acceleration, Steam Edition and Prepar3Dv2, v3,v4. A single installer is provided covering all versions.
Price: 44.99€