Compatibility: X-Plane 11

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Descent 2 View Chios for X-Plane 11

Chios Island National Airport (ICAO: LGHI) “Omiros” (Homer) is an airport on the island of Chios in Greece. Named after the great ancient Greek epic poet who was presumably born on the island, the airport is located at the region of Kampos, south of the city of Chios.

Descent2View has recreated the airport and surrounding area in meticulous detail, featuring:

Many custom buildings and objects
Animated vehicles
Custom ground textures making full use of PBR in a range of 4 km around the airport
3D night lighting
Custom runway and taxiways

Note: The scenery doesn’t cover the city of Chios but it is in D2V’s plan to put the entire city in one of the next updates.

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High detail custom objects!

The D2V team has meticulously recreated the airport and surrounding area by handcrafting high quality 3D models of every building in the area. On top of the beautifully recreated airport, the nearby cement factory, stores, houses and even the kiosk across the airport have been made and accurately placed to match their real world location, immersing you in the world as you approach the airport.

Last but not least, the airport area comes to life with moving vehicles and people moving about its premises: cars, people and ships are coming and going, giving you the sense that you are part of a living world!

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Attention to detail!

Watch the sun and night lighting bounce off the airport surfaces as if it’s real! Airport surfaces are dressed with PBR materials to make use of the powerful renderer of X-Plane 11. Little details such as tyre marks have their own light properties and no detail has been spared! Around the airport 3D grass, bush, lights, containers and fences complete the aiport experience, making it feel alive.

The D2V team is also working on changes to the airport, such as the runway extension which is under construction in real life. The team is also considering adding the full town of Chios in a future update.

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