Descent 2 View Chios for X-Plane 11

Chios Island National Airport (ICAO: LGHI) is an airport on the island of Chios in Greece. It is also known as Chios National Airport, "Omiros" located at the region of Kampos, south of the city of Chios.

The Scenery covers the Airport and surrounding area, featuring:

Custom buildings and objects
Animated vehicles
Custom ground textures making full use of PBR in a range of 4 km around the airport
3D night lighting
Custom runway and taxiways

Note: The scenery doesn't cover the city of Chios but it is in D2V's plan to put the entire city in one of the next updates.

Compatibility and Pricing

The product is compatible with X-Plane 11. The download is provided in the form of a zip file.

Price: 26.99€