MiG-17 is back on track

The MiG-17 is back on track and we’re chipping away at it day-by-day! The exterior model is almost ready for the shadow pass and then will start getting its base textures.

At the same time work is being done for the cockpit model, which got behind schedule due to work on the carriers. The 3D model of the VC will be completed and ready for texturing by the end of the month. We won’t say much now, but be ready for a big quality leap with this plane. Meanwhile, all gauges and switches in the cockpit are already functional which means that even without texture, our programmer can start breathing life into this old warbird!

On the Western front, the T-37 Tweet hasn’t missed a beat. Team Tweet has been hacking away at it and the models are in the detailing phase, but we will show you more of that in a future post.

Carriers Extended! and SDK

With the Midway release behind us and the patch for the reported problems entering testing, it is time to look ahead and show you what we’re working on for the carriers. The upcoming carriers update will fix some issues reported by our customers, but will also mean the transition of our carriers to the new CEX framework!

In layman’s terms, ship developers will be able to easily modify their vessels and add our features to them. That will be done creating a text file that contains the necessary information and some gauge art. Basic 3D modeling work will be needed to add the animated cables, which will be done in the modeling app or ModelConverterX.

The SDK documentation for CEX will be on <a href=”http://wiki.simworksstudios.com/index.php?title=Main_Page”>our wiki</a> in a few days, while example files will be shared with developers that want to adapt their carriers and other ships to our technology for free. If you are interested in developing CEX compatible vessels and scenery, please get in touch with us at info@simworksstudios.com.

The CEX features will be available to buyers of the upcoming Carriers Extended! (CEX) package that will include the necessary files to enable these features on any ship that supports them -more on that in due time!

Customers of the Midway & Phantom are already getting a taste of major features on their ships and an entry to a more realistic world of carrier ops! Click the buttons to the right to visit the product page or buy now!