Author Topic: Midway and Phantom updates incoming!  (Read 1168 times)

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Midway and Phantom updates incoming!
« on: October 29, 2017, 03:36:21 PM »
The F-4B and Midway package will get updated within the next few days.

The majority of changes affects the carrier-related features. Here is a short list:

F-4B/N Phantom II:
  • Fixed Refuel Ready light's duration back to five (5) seconds
  • Upgraded Coral Sea per the changelog below

Midway Battlegroup:
  • Fixed conflict with VRS Superbug licensing system
  • Converted the carriers to the new SDK-compliant format
  • Fixed bug with Aircraft Configuration App crashing after conflicting with some add-ons
  • Added presets for all carrier-capable Virtavia aircraft. The full list of compatible aircraft can be found here: CEX compatible aircraft
  • Added LODs to escort ships to improve visibility and performance at long distances
  • Improved the accuracy of the cable animations
  • For the FSX versions of the carriers, only elevator #2 is functional now. This will make the elevators solid again so users can ride them to the hangar. P3D versions still have three working elevators.
  • Removed crash boxes from all carriers. Now the bug reported by some users getting collision while approaching the ship is adressed.
  • Removed 4th wire from USS Midway
  • Fixed texture bugs spotted on some crew memebers.
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