We are happy to announce that the SimWorks Studios F-4B/N Phantom II is complete and will be released today at 10:00GMT here and at JustFlight!

The F-4B/N is the culmination of many years of development and brings a host of features for FSX and P3D users!

  • The best visual representation of the F-4 Phantom! We took the engine to its limit do deliver the most accurate model of the iconic Spook. Featuring:
    • Customizable exterior, allowing for representation of almost any F-4B/N variant!
    • Two different cockpits for the early and late periods in the aircraft's life
  • Immersive flight modeling: Brute finesse required! Learn the different techniques required to fly this aircraft throughout its entire envelope
  • Rich sound environment: From the engine whine to the slipstream on the canopy, we did our best to capture the feel of sitting in an F-4
  • TacPack compatibility out-of-the-box: unleash the armament of the F-4 Phantom on the enemy and evade their SAMs by making use of the aircraft ECM systems!
  • USS Coral Sea with innovative customization options!

As a note, the manuals will no longer be available for download. Instead we decided to create a wiki that will allow us to update and enrich the manuals constantly, as the F-4B/N will be upgraded during its lifetime. Clicking on the manuals button at the bottom of the F-4B/N product page will take you to the wiki.

Feel free to join our forum and facebook group and discuss the product, provide comments and suggestions!