F-4B/N v0.95 release and 4th of July Sale!

The long-awaited 0.95 version of our F-4B is about to hit the servers on the 4th of July! 0.95 will feature some upgrades to the aircraft systems, introducing bugfixes, instrument errors as well as upgraded navigation features and a new RADAR display! Some upgrades are listed below:

New RADAR display: a new DirectX 10 based screen created by Military Visualizations, providing a visual and performance upgrade compared to our initial RADAR release
Navigation modes: You are now able to navigate using your TACAN radio, Navigation Computer or just your sense of orientation
Air Data Computer: Instrument error and altimeter lag have been implemented. Leaving your instruments unchecked may get you closer to the ground than you would like
Telelight Panel: indications of various systems are now shown on the telelight
Transponder tied to TacPack: no more friendly fire! Setting your team properly will allow you to be shot at only from the enemy.
• Bugfixes to various systems

Additionally, a 20% off sale is starting from now, until midnight EST of July 4th. Go to http://simworksstudios.com/…/military-aviat…/f-4b-phantom-ii and check-out using the discount code “independenceday” without the quotes, on the checkout window!

We have also started working on some video tutorials to help familiarise users with the aircraft systems, which will be published on our youtube channel.

Finally, work has started on porting the F-4B over to FSX:Steam and Prepar3D. A new installer is in the works and it won't be long until these two platforms are officially supported!

Notice: The product is still in beta status, so some features are incomplete and bugs may be encountered. This version supports only FSX:Acceleration and FSX:Gold.