F-4B/N Phantom II release date/mini-Contest

Following our previous release, we are in a position to announce that the F-4B/N Phantom II Open Beta will release as a download on our website on January 31st, 18:00GMT. The initial release version will be FSX-only and full P3D support will come in the next releases. The base price will be 40.00 € (not including VAT).

The F-4B/N Phantom II Open Beta will initially feature the F-4B with TacPack capabilities. Down the road the full package will include:

  • F-4B Phantom II – early model, no RHAW
  • F-4B Phantom II – various RHAW models
  • F-4N Phantom II
  • USS Coral Sea AI ship, along with our custom FLOLS
  • Full TacPack integration
  • FSX and P3D compatible


As said before, buyers of the Open Beta are entitled to a 50% discount off our Carrier Battlegroup package that will release this Spring.  Buyers of the version after it has gone gold have the right to a 25% discount.

We would also like to announce a mini-contest for our Facebook followers. We intend to give away 6 free Phantom packages on release day, two for every mark we hit on our Facebook page: 800, 900 and 1000 likes. The conditions are as follows:

·         Anyone that likes this post, our page AND comments it AND shares it gets his name in the draw

·         If the same person also follows us on twitter and retweets our release announcement, he gets his name in a 2nd time in the same draw. Use #swsphantom or #swsrelease.

·         At each one of the above marks, one name from this pool will be randomly chosen

·         At each mark, one more name from the rest of the followers will be chosen as well

·         Someone who has won once is no longer eligible for the contest

·         The winners of the contest are eligible for a 25% discount on the AI Carrier Battle Group package