This first version supports only Flight Simulator X: Acceleration. It may work without a hitch in P3D/FSX:SE but the plane and installer is compiled for FSX:A so we need to clarify that in advance.
The initial release contains:

• F-4B pre-1966 version
o High detail exterior & interior models
o Detailed textures
o High fidelity flight Dynamics
o Many Multiplayer compatible animations
o Custom soundset from Skysong Soundworks
o Carrier ready
• TacPack functionality and loadout manager for the following items:
o 600 and 370 gallon fuel fanks

o AIM-7
o AIM-9
o Mk.82 versions
o Mk.83
o LAU-10/33 with Zuni Rockets
o Mk.4 Gun Pods
o Mk.20 Rockeye*
o Mk.77 Napalm Canisters*
o M117 Iron Bombs*
o Various pylons*

*These will become droppable as TacPack gets updated


• Included manuals: Aircraft Familiarisation, Cockpit Familiarisation, Tactical Supplement (yes, weapons manual!)

NOTE: Before running the installer, be sure to have deactivated your antivirus program otherwise the installer will not start, or corrupt your airplane installation.
Repainters, the Paintkit will be released on Monday so clean up your brushes and get ready for it!
With regards to the carrier, we are working on the textures for USS Coral Sea so we can provide the first public version within the next couple of releases. Therefore, it will not be included with tomorrow’s package.8

We are also thinking of initiating a SQUADRON/COMMUNITY DISCOUNT program if sufficient interest is expressed. Please contact us at sales@simworksstudios.com if you are interested. The sale conditions will be made public within the next week depending on the demand.
As this is an open beta version, bugs are definitely to be encountered and some features missing or removed (i.e. drag chute, inflight refueling). This is not an excuse to sit back, though! For any bugs and problems you may encounter, please go directly to our forum at http://simworksstudios.com/forum/index.php. After you register you will be able to see the support forum and post your request there or at support@simworksstudios.com .

You can buy the F-4B/N Phantom II Open Beta from here