After many problems and delays, we have now a Prepar3Dv3 version of the F-4B ready for public release and are uploading it. Version 0.98a will be up later today. Existing customers will receive an e-mail telling them that it has been updated as soon as it is ready.

Version 0.98a also serves as a hotfix for some issues that arose with 0.98. Here is the changelog:

  • Added P3Dv3 option to the installer
  • Flaps are now not limited to the F5-F8 keys. You can now use your joystick and custom FSX controls.
  • Ensured that keystroke processor always runs when you re/load the plane.
  • Stability Augmentation System is now more efficient at stabilizing the plane around the roll axis
  • Added a saved flight that starts you in the air, near the Coral Sea battlegroup in the Tonkin gulf. The flight can be found under (FSX or P3D root)\SimWorks Studios\Flights
  • No other change to v0.98 has been made for this version.


Enjoy some screenshots from P3Dv3 using our F-4B and USS Coral Sea!

Note: the static aircraft shown will be released with v1.0