SimWorks Studios is a newly formed developement team, with the intent of producing high quality add-ons for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D simulators.

We are long time simmers with a passion for aviation and creation and as everyone, we are seeking for the most challenging, enjoyable and high quality add-on available to us. The same mindset that we used in the add-ons we created and the ones we are working on.

F-4B Phantom IIThe F-4B Phantom II

SimWorks Studios was formed around its first product, the F-4B Phantom II. All people that work on the “Spook” have great appreciation for this great aircraft and we are working to the best of our abilities to deliver a detailed iteration. Not another good jet, but a plane that demands training, thinking ahead and a light hand, in order to get the enjoyment of on-target weapons delivery and a flight well-performed.

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Your questions and comments are important to us and we are here to answer them. To this purpose we maintain this forum. Your questions may already be answered there and your suggestions will be valueable to us.

However we will always be happy to listen to your thoughts directly. Please feel free to use the contact form below to contact us directly.

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