With 2017 waving us goodbye and a lot of changes and new things planned for 2018, we thought it would be good to give you some insight on what's going on.
The Phantom and Midway have helped us consistently improve our work, expand our knowledge and create some groundbreaking technology that will start finding its way into our future products. 2018 will be a key year as some very difficult projects are lined up for completion, but is critical for the continuation of SWS into 2019 and onwards. The tools and technology developed in the first three years will be crucial to our quality standards, marketing and expansion in the FS market.

Pricing changes & Christmas Sale!

Firstly, we are planning on implementing changes to our pricing, in order to keep things uniform and clear. Our listed prices have always been "Base Prices", meaning they do not include VAT. This tax is added for EU citizens as soon as they add the product to their shopping cart, which has led to some customers being confused about what they were charged. Therefore, from Monday January 8th our listed price for both products will be 44.99€ to include taxes, while keeping things simple.
However, starting today and until January 8th, our products will be at a 25% discount with their current, pre-increase prices! Click the buttons below to visit the product pages and claim your copies now!

*Listed prices do not include VAT, applicable to EU citizens.

Tweet and MiG-17

The T-37 and MiG-17 are two simple aircraft compared to the Phantom, serving as testbeds for a new production technique that we are developing. This production technique will enable us to make higher fidelity aircraft systems in less time. With the Tweet's 3D model nearing completion, we started doing test exports to see how everything looks in the sim and tune the animations.
At the same time, the Tweet's programmer started breathing life into its systems and testing out the kinks. As expected, some bugs popped up but we've given him breath mints for the next try!
The MiG-17, has been stalled because our programmer's computer proved to be allergic to tea, leading to a setback until the new parts arrived. Thankfully, this has been remedied and we are ready to resume work on it again.

Ships ahoy!

The Midway/Coral Sea combo served as a testbed for our ship technology and after ironing out the early bugs we know we are on the right track, as feedback has been positive! We have also released our first SDK version for shipmakers interested in enhancing their ships with our features, which we hope they'll start putting to good use soon!
Furthermore, we are working on another naval project! The Nimitz class will be packed with all the great features that went into the Midway package, being detailed enough where you can walk around it and more FPS friendly!
We are starting with the post-2005 CVN-68/69, but also consider doing the CVN70-75 ships as upgrades to the original. More on that as we're ready!
You can see a WIP shot of the superstructure of CVN-68 to the left!