Holiday break and progress update!

Time has come for most of us to take a break for summer holidays, so you will miss us until the 24th! Our presence on the forum and monitoring of e-mails will be limited, so if you don't get a response quickly please be patient. However, the break was earned as we made significant progress towards the next version. In short:

  • An overhauled pneumatic system is on its way. Usage of various systems will deplete pneumatic pressure while the engines slowly recharge it.
  • Overhauled engines are progressing too: custom EGT and RPM indications are in, along with an accurate start-up sequence.
  • After the engines comes the fuel system. Corrections will be made to the fuel flow, while inflight refueling "might" make it into the next public release.
  • Other things we are working on are more efficient TacPack coding, cockpit audio and other fixes.

With the completion of the above systems a major step will be done towards v1.0, which will be followed by the F-4N upgrade.

Finally, in order to take a break from coding, some work has been put into the carriers. An A-7 model has been made for use as a static plane on our carriers (shown on the left); the model is still work-in-progress. A visit to the hangar is due as well, along with some significant surprises in store for the carriers, that will be shown later down the development cycle.

Additionally, AO-106 USS Navasota has been modeled and is in the detailing phase and will get to see the fleet oiler in action after the holiday break! USS Navasota will be part of the Midway class package that will include:

  • USS Midway
  • an ehnanced version of USS Coral Sea
  • USS Navasota
  • two destroyers

This will be a separate product from the F-4B/N and its Coral Sea iteration, which will be made available later. Buyers of the F-4B/N will be entitled to a discount for this package and vice versa.

That's all at this point. We will be back in a few days with more things to share!