Almost there…

We just finished taking care of the last few bugs and features on our P3Dv4 Phantom and carriers and hope that they will be released after the new testing cycle.

A lot of work was put in updating the carriers, which now feature a custom arresting gear system.

The major features are deformable cables that follow the hook, proper landing physics, including hanging from the cable and rollback. Furthermore, our programmer has ensured that the nose-diving or tipping over that are often encountered in FSX/P3D airplanes is gone. A drivable tow truck has also been created, allowing you to tow your plane into a tight parking spot easily.

In addition to the above, an LSO has been added that will guide you down the glideslope. Furthermore, our meatball has been improved with smoother movement, corrected scaling and proper optics simulation.

As we also said before, an application was created that will allow users to enable the above advanced features on any carrier-capable airplane without having to copy and paste entries into text files.

The above features are a first step towards an improved carrier technology that we are building, which will hopefully bring carrier aviation in FSX/P3D to levels not seen since the simulators of the early 2000s.

However, many of these features, along with the improved escort ship models are beyond our initial promise made in early 2016. We believe it would be unfair to the people that worked for these features to maintain the same, big discounts. Therefore for the Midway class package, customers that supported us during the open beta phase will get a 33% instead of 50%, while v1.x customers will get 20% instead of 25%.

While this change may seem late, we believe that the extra features will reward you, while ensuring that we continue providing high-quality work to you!

Last, but not least, we will be running a 20% off the F-4B until Friday midnight (GMT). Use “septemberfest” to claim your discount during checkout!