F-4B/N v0.95 release and 4th of July Sale!

[su_slider source=”media: bic1,bic0,bic2,bic3,bic4,bic5,bic6″ link=”lightbox”] F-4B/N v0.95 release and 4th of July Sale! The long-delayed 0.95 version of our F-4B is about to hit the servers on the 4th of July! 0.95 will feature some upgrades to the aircraft systems, introducing bugfixes, instrument errors as well as upgraded navigation features and a new RADAR display! Some […]

Presentation of Custom FLOLS tech demo

This is a tech demo of our custom FLOLS system developed for USS Coral Sea, which will be part of our F-4B/N Phantom II package. The video was shot in Flight Simulator X: Acceleration The FLOLS will also be used in the AI and drivable versions of USS Midway and USS Coral Sea that will […]