July 4th Sale and 0.95 release imminent!

  A 20% sale is in effect for the F-4B/N Phantom II until July 4th, using the discount code "independenceday" on checkout! Additionally, we are releasing version 0.95 on Monday, which boast improved systems functionality, fixes and a new RADAR scope created by MilViz! Read more



F-4B/N Phantom II release announcement

  SimWorks Studios is proud to announce that our F-4B/N Phantom II open beta for FSX version has been released Read more


Presenting the SimWorks Studios F-4B Phantom II for FSX

The F-4B Phantom II is our first project in developement. Featuring high detail model and textures, very advanced flight modeling and being TacPack-ready, the SWS F-4B will deliver an authentic experience of flying and fighting in one of the most iconic aircraft of all time. Read more...

Latest News!

August break and some news!

Holiday break and progress update! Time has come for most of us to take a break for summer holidays, so you will miss us until the 24th! Our presence on the forum and monitoring of e-mails will be limited, so if you don’t get a response quickly please be patient. However, the break was earned […]


F-4B/N v0.95 release and 4th of July Sale!

F-4B/N v0.95 release and 4th of July Sale! 2 3 4 5 6 The long-awaited 0.95 version of our F-4B is about to hit the servers on the 4th of July! 0.95 will feature some upgrades to the aircraft systems, introducing bugfixes, instrument errors as well as upgraded navigation features and a new RADAR display! […]


F-4B/N Phantom II open beta for FSX version has been released

  This first version supports only Flight Simulator X: Acceleration. It may work without a hitch in P3D/FSX:SE but the plane and installer is compiled for FSX:A so we need to clarify that in advance. The initial release contains: • F-4B pre-1966 version o High detail exterior & interior models o Detailed textures o High […]


F-4B/N Phantom II release date/mini-Contest

F-4B/N Phantom II release date/mini-ContestFollowing our previous release, we are in a position to announce that the F-4B/N Phantom II Open Beta will release as a download on our website on January 31st, 18:00GMT. The initial release version will be FSX-only and full P3D support will come in the next releases. The base price will be 40.00 […]


Presentation of Custom FLOLS tech demo

This is a tech demo of our custom FLOLS system developed for USS Coral Sea, which will be part of our F-4B/N Phantom II package. The video was shot in Flight Simulator X: Acceleration The FLOLS will also be used in the AI and drivable versions of USS Midway and USS Coral Sea that will […]


F-4B/N Phantom II release announcement

FSX F-4B Phantom II with USS Midway & Coral Sea coming soon! In this Christmas eve news update, we are proud to announce the upcoming beta release of our F-4B/N Phantom II as well as the USS Midway & Coral Sea battlegroups. 41235678coralseaWith regard to the main attraction, the F-4B will be released as an […]


F-4B Phantom II TacPack update

FSX F-4B TacPack bombing runAs we said, we were hard at work on implementing bombing modes for VRS TacPack. Our TP coder’s hard work has paid off and we are past the most important blockers in that area. Here is a video showing a couple of bombing runs at one of NAS Fallon’s ranges. A […]


USS Midway announcement

We present to you the first images of the USS Midway AI Carrier which will accompany the SimWorks Studios F-4B Phantom II. Read the entire announcement for some interesting details! SimWorks Studios proudly presents the first images of the USS Midway carrier. USS Midway (CVA-41/CVB-41/CV-41) played a historical part in the Vietnam war, as it […]


Welcome to our site!

Simworks Studios would like to welcome you all to our website! We are a group consisting of longtime flight simulation enthusiasts as well as creators with respect for what we are doing.. We gathered with the aim of producing an engaging and accurate simulator experience for Flight Simulator X, based on real life pilots’ input […]